Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Important Family Events...

One thing I am really famous for is messing up really important events for my own family. I just can't be IN the moment AND get the shots that I really want. Our ward had a really special award that was given to an awesome kid. I called up his mom and asked her if she would want some pictures taken of her son as he received his award. I knew this was a special night for her son, as well as her. Let's face it...when it comes to these kinds of things, the mother deserves the award more than anyone else. She is usually the one that does the work. Right? It made me realize that I need to hand over my camera to someone else, or ask someone in advance to take pictures for me so I don't need to worry about it, and then I can actually live in the moment AND enjoy it! When you are behind the camera,
you miss a lot of things when it comes to the emotions of an event.
"H" earned his arrow of light award.
His dad gave him an arrow that he had hand carved as a gift.
This was one proud mama!
And....Dad too!

We are lucky to have such a great scouting program in our area. The leaders are the greatest.

So, next time you have a really important event? Take time to think ahead. Plan for someone else to take those shots. I look at all the most important events of my children's lives...and I am not in ANY of the pictures. If you are like most women, you don't mind being out of those shots, but they are the ones that will mean the most to your kids!
Now, go get in front of that camera!

Also, this is a great way to get better at your own photography. If you have a friend who has a special event that you will be attending...
ask if you could take the pictures for the event.

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