Saturday, September 20, 2008

My best friend....

Stac and I have been friends for about as long as I can remember. She is the kind of friend that everyone hopes to find. I will never forget a comment someone said about her once. It made me feel completely un-worthy to be her friend, but also made me realize how much I wanted to be more like her. A guy we both knew commented how he had never heard one bad thing about her. It is true. She is every one's friend. And not only that, she makes you feel like you are her very best friend. I jumped at the chance to take some pictures of her cute little family.

This little monkey is 19 months old.
I have never seen such a busy little monkey. He never stops moving.
I know he looks mad at me here...but I am pretty sure he was making animal sounds. Can't remember which animal he was at this moment.

This little guy is adored by his whole family.
I can't imagine why.

Why do the boys get the gorgeous eyelashes and the curls?
Cool man "D" here is acting all shy about his girlfriend "Mad". Short for Madison.

She prefers to be called Mad. So I was told.

Mat wanted me to take this opportunity to let Cesar know that he is "not Hawaiian." Si senior?

((That is from Mat, not me....))

I. Love. This. Family.

I dare you to find a more beautiful child.

Details: A lot of times people ask me about location. while I do think it is a very important aspect to really great shots, I have learned to just keep it simple. This whole shoot was in this family's own yard. I just made sure I watched background, keeping out views of other surrounding houses, cars, etc. It created a natural setting for this family. The kids were completely comfortable, and it allowed the session to be pretty carefree...not worrying about other people around, paying fees for location, etc. So, look around at your own settings. Chances are, you might already have the perfect location in your own back yard, a neighbors, local park, etc.


utmomof5 said...

Seriously -- you need to take my kids pictures!! You are amazingly talented!!

Johnny said...


My best regards to Cesar and Family from his cousin in Costa Rica.


Nicklepickle said...

okay... That little one is beautiful!!! Oh my gosh.. There is not another word to describe him!

Marjorie said...

Hi, I'm new to your blog. I've been pouring over your posts :) I LOVE the photo of the boys with the tree brach. beautiful.

Your blog is great - I will be back!