Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Winter Blues...

With the month of January, for me, come the winter blues. I start feeling really claustrophobic with all the snow and cold. It takes a toll on my photography hobby because I LOVE to shoot outside. My house has horrible lighting. I wasn't really into photography when we were building our home. I didn't realize the importance of windows facing North. Big windows to let in a lot of light. Windows, windows, windows. Light, light, light. If the economy ever picks back up and we could sell the home we are can bet that my new home will be built according to my needs as a photographer. Pretty lame. Eh? Most likely will never happen. So, I make due.
I bought Haleigh a new outfit for her birthday in a few weeks but felt like putting it on her today because it was just such a blah day. Then she looked so stinkin cute that I had to take a few photos. It made this "down in the dumps" Momma feel a whole lot better. It doesn't take too much to make me happy. Just my baby girl in a bright colored spring ensemble, I guess.

I do have one room in my house that I can get pretty decent lighting. I have to pull up the blinds and situate the kids just right...which isn't always easy with a 2 year old. But...she is getting the hang of it. I guess the snow is a good thing in this situation because it acts as a natural reflector of light. In have to be careful with snow because it can be difficult to get the right settings. If you are more brave than I am and want to actually go out in the snow and shoot...Here is a great online source for tips on shooting in the snow.

As for me? I think I'll stay inside and keep dressing my little sunshine in bright, cheery, spring clothes to get me through the rest of this blasted winter snow. It was fun for Christmas. But I am ready to move on. Oh. So. Ready.


Sydney said...

Does that outfit come in my size and if I wear it, will automatically be as cute as Haleigh??

The Wright's said...

I used to think she was all you - but that smile is all Mat. Weird how they change, isn't it?

onceapickle said...

Woo-Hoo, you're back! Sweet. I can't tell you how excited I am.

No wonder taking these pictures made you feel better. How could you not after photographing such an adorabl subject? She truly is a little ray of sunshine.

Ang said...

I'm so glad your back!!! Thanks for sharing your great tips again!

And as for little miss sunshine... have you ever seen anything sweeter than her little smile. What a pretty girl. I can’t believe your baby is almost 3!!!! I love the outfit it brightened my day.