Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Getting ready for school!

It is that time of year, again! It is no secret that this is not really my favorite time of year. I guess I am one of those odd mothers that prefer her kids at home. Homeschooling, you ask? I'm not THAT crazy! Sheeeeesh! I sent my baby off to preschool this morning. I didn't think I was emotional about it. Until I left her. Then I couldn't stop the tears. We won't get into the reasons I would cry over preschool. Let's just let it rest with the fact that she is MY BABY!
I am sure as a mother you are just like me, in the fact that you want to document that first day of school perfectly...
Here are a few tips for making that early morning photo session perfect!

Let your kids know the night before that they will be getting their pictures taken. My kids do better if they know what to expect the morning of their big day. Make sure you have plenty of time that morning! There is nothing worse than a crazy and rushed first morning of school.

Think outside the box when it comes to your pictures. Try a jumping shot! It is fun and it shows the true feeling of the morning...EXCITEMENT!

Let your kids pose themselves! Haleigh loves this pose.

Move in close! I know you want to get that first day of school outfit...but get a closeup of their face. I promise it will be your favorite shot!

Show the details of the morning. Maybe you could take a picture of their breakfast choice. I always make my kids what ever they want on the first day of school. That usually means making 3 different things. I will definitely take a picture of that! Mostly just to document things like that so one day I can prove to my kids that I was a good mom! Take pictures of backpacks, lunch boxes, new shoes, the bus stop line, kids walking onto the bus...and if you are a psycho mom like me, follow the bus and take pictures of them getting off the bus and heading into school. I try to take pictures of the kids inside their classroom...but my boys are getting a little older and I know there is NO WAY I will get away with that one this year. You know, having a big 5th grader and all.

The point...is to make sure the morning is documented and FUN! One thing my mom did was take a picture in the same exact place. Every. Single. Year. It was in our front yard in front of a pine tree. It is fun to look back at all the pictures. Not only did we grow...but so did that tree. It started as a small little twig and by high school...it was huge!

Good luck this week! Happy for some. Just something we gotta do for others.


Becky said...

My baby went to Junior High this morning!
And he rode his bike!
Wouldn't even let me take him!
What the??!!

Laurel said...

Or course you wrote her name on her bag artistically and perfectly. Why is she not in my class!!!???