Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sneak Peak....

Had some fun with my favorite bff, (and newborn assistant) Jen's new little cutie today! Evan and I got to hang out for 3 hours! I got to try out all the fun new props I have been crocheting for the past 2 months while I have been ANXIOUSLY awaiting his arrival.

Evan loves me. He can't wait till I come over next week and hang him from a tree branch!

Just for his daddy. I am not sure if Bishop owns anything BUT UofU attire. (Kind of out-numbered in this neighborhood.) The rivalry is strong around here. People are serious about their school of choice. I am Switzerland. :) Personally though, I think red DOES photograph a little better. :)


onceapickle said...

It's true...Evan really does love you. To pieces. He definitely can't wait for you to come over and hang him from a tree branch!

My dear, you have outdone yourself. THESE ARE AMAZING. Love them more than words can say. I get a little teary eyed thinking how lucky I am to have pictures like this of at least one of my babies! I will cherish them always.

The orange and blue is yuuummy. I could just eat him up.

THANKS A MILLION! You are incredible (and my hero).

utmomof 5 said...

I almost want to have another baby just so you can take his picture, but then again...NO! :)

Super cute!!

margo said...

WOW Kati-- you truly are amazing. I can't get over the one with the U of U hat on. Thanks again for taking Meg's pictures. I still look at those pics of Cameron every day.