Monday, October 19, 2009

A whole lotta nothing...

Spent the weekend in Yellowstone National Park for a family reunion this past weekend! The weather was gorgeous...the company was great...but we really lacked in the
"animal viewing department"!

We saw a whole lotta this! Bare fields. We still had a great time though and enjoyed our many, many hours in the car with fighting children. :)

Just wanted to say that I am so very, very behind on editing. The only downside I see of shooting RAW is the enormous amounts of time I have to spend on this dang computer. I think I am going to start shooting jpg with all my everyday type shots and save RAW for paying sessions only! I just don't think I can take another minute sitting here at this computer!

Anyone out there feel my pain?

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onceapickle said...

I've been considering doing the exact same thing lately! RAW is awesome, but it just takes so much stinkin' time. Especially with little everyday shots that I take for my blog. Why again am I not just taking the picture as a .jpeg? Not really sure.

Let's go back to .jpegs together!

ps- glad you had fun on your trip.