Thursday, January 15, 2009

Photo Shop Clone Tool!

Using the clone tool in photoshop has become one of my new favorite things. I have to admit that when I first tried to use the clone tool {probably over a year ago} I COULD NOT get it to work. I actually wondered why the heck that tool was even available. It was kind of tricky. I preferred the spot healing brush for blemish control and just thought the clone tool was pretty useless. Then I realized that I just didn't know how to use it properly. Usually when I don't like something it is because I am a little slow on the learning curve.
I can tell you now that I use the clone tool All. The. Time.!
I was trying to remove things too quickly. I didn't want to invest the time it actually took to get it right. You can't just sample one area of color and use that to clone out the entire image you wish to remove. You have to keep sampling to make sure the clone matches with each click you want to remove.

I felt like the pictures on the wall were too distracting in the photo. It seems like it would be an easy quick removal. The problem? The wall color is a lot darker {because of shadows} on one side than the other. I took my time and sampled with each click or two to ensure that the colors matched.

If I would have hurried through it, you would have seen blotches from where the pictures were removed. I just slowed down and took my time. {This is really hard for me.}
In this picture, I couldn't stand the Christmas lights wrapped around the column. It just screams..."HEY! These pictures were taken at Christmas!" I had to remove them!

The problem was the texture in the column. I wanted to make sure that I sampled an area right next to the light being removed so the texture looked right. This small task took quite a bit of time...but I felt like it was worth it! I liked the image a lot better once the Christmas lights were removed. Just like all things photography {As I am finding, at least}...The clone tool takes a lot of practice and patience. Neither of which I like. the end I think it helps to create something better. Photoshop is an overwhelming thing for me. I have just been taking it a tool at a time. Learning the features. Practicing and figuring out how it can help improve my photography.


sara said...

i use that tool more than i should- not only do i remove people and things from the background, but i remove belly fat and double chins! seriously, much easier than dieting.

Kati said...

Sara! I didn't know you could do that. Maybe you should do a "guest post" and share that tutorial with us all. Do you have examples of pictures you could share? WAY easier than dieting!

utmomof 5 said...

Okay after Sara's comment I am so going to learn how to use it! I like you stuff too Kati but really it can remove double chins!! Hallejuah! :)

Amy said...

I can't wait to try it. I'm always taking food pictures, and hate things in the background. My photoshop is super slow and non-responsive and very frustrating, but it may be worth it if I can get rid of background.

onceapickle said...

I seriously cannot believe how PERFECT that picture of Haleigh is. It belongs in a magazine. No wonder it made you cry, it makes me want to cry too!

Laurel said...

I so miss that gorgeous little angel of yours. Whaaaaa!!

You know what I don't like about Photoshop? My computer crashed and I didn't save the jewel case with the serial number sticker. So, what I hate is that I have a disk I paid big bucks for and can't use. (We totally have red-eye in a family picture I submitted to the ward directory)

Rachel said...

ooh la la. what's the name of that fine looking man with his arm around his mom? ;)

I think you're amazing!

K19 said...

I LOVE this!! Which Photoshop do you use? I am looking at getting something and have been getting frustrated with all the choices and then what do I REALLY need??? I am a stay at home mommy who loves to take pictures and is looking for a great editing tool!!
Also- when did you start your darling daughter in Ballet? My daughter is 20 months old and am wondering when the best time to start is?? Thanks- if you get a chance!!
Thanks again for coming back- LOVE all your great tips!