Monday, January 26, 2009


I am not going to lie here. This post really makes me cry. Cry for good reasons. Cry for bad. I remember moving into our first home 10 years ago. I met a good friend there. A friend that I have always loved, admired and have a very close bond to. When I moved from this neighborhood, a strange thing happened. Her kids grew up. I remember her boys being young, sweet, handsome, genuine, young, young, and young. Well, my friends....he is still all those things, except, no longer young. In fact...he is a man. How did this happen?

Reporting or shipping off for duty in February!

I am very proud of the man he has become. I am proud of his decision to serve our country. I am proud that he is graduating high school early. However...I refuse to use the word my other friend used when she saw these pictures. "Man, he is HOT!". No...I will not use that word. Because, he is still a little boy in my eyes. A handsome young man? Yes. But....a "hot soldier"?

It scares me how fast this growing up thing happened. It makes me realize how fast time really goes by. Still, I am proud of this kid. I hope the very best for him. I know he is going to do really great things.

As for photography tips? This sessions once again proved how difficult snow can make things. It was so bright outside that I couldn't see my screen to check my histogram. I couldn't see what settings worked best. I felt like I was in the dark. was so bright! So confusing. I tried to hide under my coat to see what was going on. That did help a little. At least enough to see if I was way over blowing my images. Yet another reason to start shooting in RAW. Any of you attempting the shooting in the snow? Any great tips?

As for shooting seniors? I love it. I think they are the best subjects. They are so fun! If you are looking to improve your own photography, I think seniors are a great practice! Way easier than babies/kids. They are easier to direct and they hold still! Nice! So, if you are getting old like me and have friends that have graduating seniors...give them a session for a graduation gift. Pictures last a life time!

Congrats "Soldier Boy"! We are so very proud of you!


Tabatha said...

I recently discovered your blog and was soooo sad to see that you may not be shooting much because of the people taking your pic's. I would love to learn as much as I can from you! I also want to thank you for photo shooting a soldier. My daughter is in the Army and I am very proud of her and the things she is accomplishing. We need more people, like you, who love and support our troops.

Becky said...

I really am touched. By you and Tabatha^.
I sat here and read this and looked in awe and cried!
And cried.

Rachel said...

I love the shot in the reflection of the mirror. Very cool!

Blythe said...

Kati,Becky showed me some of these a few days ago. You did an amazing job! I LOVE the mirror photo and the one where he is walking into the trees. Oh, what am I saying? I love them all.

And as far as getting old, if your friends have kids older than yours, it makes them older than you. I know the dates don't support that but that's what I prefer to think.