Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Sneak peak....

Had an amazing session today with this little 9 day old beauty. I have been trying to determine the best age for newborn photos and just came to this fact: The baby controls the show. There is truly no rhyme or reason to why some babies are sleepy and curly...while others won't sleep a wink. Between me, my friend Jen (she is my awesome assistant, even at 9 months pregnant herself!) and my other two friends...we had a house full of 14 kids and 4 adults!

Little Alexa couldn't have cared less. In fact...I think she liked the party!

More to come soon! Very, very soon!

1 comment:

onceapickle said...

I very much LOVED all the finished picutres you showed me last night. They are priceless. Mama is going to be so happy.

She. was. an. angel.

Best little sleepy baby ever! Amazing, yet again, Kati!

PS- thanks for the props as your are too kind. Good for me, I love helping you! Just keeps getting better, don't you think?