Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I figured out the secret!

I kidnapped my friend's little boy tonight to take his 4 year old pictures. He is such a handsome little man...and managed to cut his own hair 2 days before his mommy scheduled pictures. So...this little guy was sporting a perfect summer buzz cut! I got some super cute images of him and I also figured out how to get my own kid to WANT her picture taken!

She was SUPER jealous that I was paying more attention to another child. She kept asking me to take HER picture. Let's be honest here...she was wearing something I would NEVER have her wear for pictures. Her hair was left over from yesterday's church hair-do and she was wearing her older brother's old cowboy boots and sporting her FAVORITE dress that her daddy bought her. I could not believe how cooperative she was. She posed herself saying.."I do it, I do it!"

Crazy girl. I guess the secret is really not too much of a secret. Let them pick out their own clothes and ignore them a bit. I ended up with images I can't get enough of! Cowboy boots and all.


onceapickle said...

Kati, Kati, Kati! I can't wait to see the rest of them! They are going to be amazing and I already know I'm going to LOVE them. The orange balloons are perfect.

Haleigh looks beautiful. And the orchard....ahhh. Call me crazy, but the cowboy boots are my fave! You are welcome to borrow Luke anytime to get her to want to join in on the fun. :)

utmomof 5 said...

I think those are such sweet pictures of her!! They show her personality so well :)

And Luke is so stinkin cute I can't even make a comment!!!

Sydney said...

How great to be able to tell her in a few years "those were your favorite shoes and your dad bought you that dress" I think that's going to mean a lot more than I MADE you wear these clothes and you hated them!

What an adorable little boy, sporting the 4 year old attitude, love it!

Where was the orchard? Will you divulge

Megan said...

Come steal one of my children!!!!!

Kati said...

I will divulge if I can figure out who owns the place. I tried to get permission from them, but ended up trespassing. I will for sure share when I can get a hold of someone who owns the place. I promise.

sara said...

oh good gravy that's cute.

~Jason and Heidi~ said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her outfit. Absolutely adorable, As always!