Monday, February 8, 2010

Birthday pictures...

It's that busy time of year again at this house! BIRTHDAY SEASON!
The main reason I learned photography was for this very thing...taking yearly pictures of my kids on their special day. As a mom, I know my kids and their very unique personalities that develop each passing year. I know those little smiles and smirks that are all their own. The faces I see every single day. I never felt like I had those faces captured when I took them to a studio professional. The photographer was so focused on getting a cute smile (and that is what they are trained to do) but it just wasn't working for me. It was the motivation I needed to learn the ins and outs of photography. I wanted to remember the different faces I saw everyday.
I love taking pictures of my kids walking away from me. May sound strange...but I don't want to forget the back of her curly little head and her tiny stature.
I rarely instruct my kids on poses or specific things during a shoot. I pretty much just walk around with them while they explore the area we have chosen for the pictures. I do call their name out so they will look at me. This is usually when I get "those looks" captured. The looks I always want to remember.
While doing shoots with my own really helps to have someone with me to also help get their attention. My kids get bored of me pretty is always a great idea to have a different perspective on things. I am lucky to have a great second shooter :)
I absolutely love to get shots like the one above. She isn't looking at the camera, but it shows off her gorgeous eyelashes and her chubby little cheeks :) Why is that so cute on a 4 year old and not me?
Haleigh was sitting next to me when I opened up this one. She gasped and said "Oh my! This is so cute!" I couldn't agree more...
And, when I opened up this picture...I knew this photo session was a success! That little face and expression is one I never want to forget. I see her look at me like this all the time.
That is why I learned photography.

Happy 4th Birthday little Haleigh-Bug.

Clothes purchased from The Children's place. (including coat)
Boots/shoes from Target.
Umbrella found at Cookie Cutters.
Flower hair piece...made by me :)

HERE are her pictures from last year...just so you can see how she has grown. Where does the time go? Really, where?


roxy said...

This is one beautiful blog. SO much better than mine. How did you figure out how to do all these things? When you have a free minute or two, would you drop by my blog and give me your advice on how to spruce it up a little? Beautiful photographs. You are so talented!

Amy said...

She always looks so pretty Kati! My kids are lucky if I brush their hair. They always have that slightly neglected/ homeless look to them. :)

Administrator said...

Wow, she has grown. Amazing what a year can bring!

She's beautiful Kati and I love that you captured her so well.

Sydney said...

Oh crap- that was totally me signed in to work on another blog I do....oops!

kimber said...

Oh sheesh. I'm all teary eyed after looking at this post, Those pictures are AMAZING!!!!

onceapickle said...

Good grief, Woman. You are amazing.

Haleigh Bug is the cutest. I could just squeeze her!

And the different in last years pictures vs. this year? Wowzers. She really has grown so much in just one year. (insert frowny face here.)