Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"I make eleven look good!"

Remember yesterday how I told you all about WHY I wanted to learn photography? Capturing my kids personalities and all of that? Well...I think I was a little hypocritical. You see...when I envisioned my soon to be eleven year old's birthday pictures...I saw these amazing pictures of him dressed in classy, perfect, teenage clothing. I wanted the perfect urban setting. I even shopped for 2 solid weeks to find that perfect outfit. I found a jacket that I almost forked over eighty bucks for....BUT FOR WHAT? To take images that represented a stranger? I quickly realized that I was envisioning other photographer's work of really, really rich pre-teen children. You know the ones....where their outfits seriously cost a normal person's monthly house mortgage! I came out of that stupid way of thinking really quick when I realized that my soon to be eleven year old son REFUSED to wear anything but jeans and a t-shirt. Why would I spend eighty bucks on a jacket that he would NEVER wear again?!?!?!?
This picture makes me realize that no matter HOW old boys get, throwing the biggest rock in the lake is still their favorite past time. In this case...he was trying to break the ice.
He kept trying...without success.
I will admit I am kind of in denial that my kid is eleven.
So...let's talk about this shirt. I always buy my kids a new shirt to wear on their birthday. He told me a few weeks ago that he wanted me to make him a shirt that said "I make eleven look good!" So...I obliged. Hilarious kid.
This is about the extent he will "dress up"
I have really lucked out with the Utah weather this week. It was a little cold...but the sun even managed to peek out for a few of these shots.
Over-all, I am glad I stayed with my own advice. I captured my kid's very unique personality and still managed to get pictures that I love. 20 years from now I want to look back and know who I am looking at. Not some rich, pre-teen stranger. Dirty, eleven year old fingernails and all.


Janae said...

I have come to the same conclusion. My kids wear what they want. I can't try to make wear something they don't like or wouldn't normally wear.

You did a great job and I LOVE his shirt. It is perfect!

kimber said...

I love love love these pictures. SO cute. What an awesome shirt! (I thought you'd photoshopped it on there.) How clever! And I love the last one of the two fingers. So so so so cute!! He must be standing on an island of some sort in those first two pictures? Maybe there is water on the other side? It looks like he's throwing the rocks on shore, not into the water! LOL.

Natalie Clyde said...

Yup, he really does make eleven look good! Just wait until he's 15 or 16. The girls will be texting and calling, well probably just texting, like constantly, because he'll have a cell phone by then. And probably a car. Did I mention insurance for boys? Happy Birthday Jackson. Lots of love, Aunt Nat

onceapickle said...

Perfect, perfect, perfect.

The shirt? To die for.

Clever, funny, Jackson.

ps- the lake and mountains look georgeous! Strong work.

Barbara said...

You are awesome Kati--they are so cute--what a handsome young man

Beth said...

loved looking at your blog with the amazing pictures. Our kids can't really be getting this old. It's crazy.