Monday, September 27, 2010 and tricks:)

I did such a FUN engagement shoot yesterday...scouting areas all over Salt Lake city...trying to obey "city rules" but ending up with a small parking ticket from a very angry parking police. But so worth the ticket! So worth it.  
Such an amazingly cute couple. So in love and nothing makes my heart more happy than a young gorgeous couple in love. :) 
One thing that I LOVE is a good, fun silhouette picture. It is such a simple thing to do if you know the right settings for your camera. The trick? You gotta shoot manual, baby! 
Here is a FANTASTIC tutorial to help you get started. There is even some editing tips thrown in there. Silhouettes done right, require little, to no photo shop at all. To do this type of picture you must have a basic knowledge of how to change your settings manually. The key is metering to the sky and completely underexposing the main subject. I had a few questions about sun flare shots and I will try to get some help/tutorials on that subject as well. 
Happy shooting! This is the perfect time of year to get these fun shots. I absolutely LOVE it when little kids are silhouetted. I must find a great location for my own kids soon! 

PS...don't miss the cake winner below! Cakes by LE is filling up fast! Get your orders in, too! 


Cassie said...

Thanks Kati. We make perfect silhouettes. And make a perfect couple in love. :) You don't know how much fun I have had this morning looking through the whole session. Loving them. Loving you.

onceapickle said...

Ahhhh...perfect. And AMAZING all at the same time.

And, how cute is my sister? Pretty darn beautiful if I do say so myself.

Thanks, my dear.