Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Baby C...Sneak peak for his mommy :)

My goodness...I can not get enough of this little boy. He was a DREAM today. Did the whole shoot in an hour and a half. Definite record for Jenn and me! He slept the entire time and did not produce one load of laundry for me to do when I got home! ( I think that is the first time I haven't had loads and loads of laundry after a newborn shoot...if you know what I am saying ;) 

Seriously....if all newborns were this amazing I might actually do this every day. 


onceapickle said...

He was perfect, perfect, perfect. Literally a dream! He certainly made our job so easy and fun. What a handsome little man.

Liz said...

Thank you girls so much for capturing pricesless moments with this sweet little guy. I know they will cherish these photos forever! You two are the best! love ya

Matt said...

Perfect shot. The baby is so cute. I agree with Liz, this will surely be cherished forever.

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