Thursday, October 21, 2010

Teaching them young....

My third grader's teacher made it mandatory that all the kids participate in the PTA Reflections program this year. These types of things always stress me out because it is just one more thing to add to an ever growing "things I gotta do" list. He tried and tried to think of something new and creative to learn or make...but in the end we decided to use the knowledge I have already given him and turn it into another photography lesson. 
I set up the tripod for him and put the camera in Auto mode. He panned the mountains and decided which view he like the best. I was so proud of him....he noticed the way the lighting fell on each section of the Wasatch mountains. He knew the taller mountains were too cloud covered and wouldn't create the look he wanted. He noticed the sky and the water. Making sure they were both in his shot. It was pretty much the cutest thing watching him zoom in and out before he had it set exactly the way he wanted. We returned home and I taught him how to download the pictures onto the computer and bring it into Photoshop. I have never taught him anything in photoshop...but we all know he has spent many days watching me. I showed him how to run a few actions and I let him go to town on his picture. I think he did a really great job. We had it printed into an 11X14 poster board print from Costco ($9.99, amazing deal!) and hopefully he has something he will be proud to submit. 
Who knows...maybe someday this hobby of mine could turn into something bigger for him :) 

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Marcie said...

I'm waiting right now for the paint to dry on the pumpkins the kids are decorating for an optional pumpkin decorating contest at school (curse my kids for insisting we participate in EVERY single optional thing in addition to the mandatory ones).