Monday, November 8, 2010

Canvas Prints...

I have been really trying lately to print my images. I got in the habit of taking lots and lots of pictures, but never printing them or displaying them anywhere in my home! What on earth is the point of taking all of these images of my kids if I can't enjoy them on my walls? A few weeks ago I saw a deal that was flying around the blogging world. I wanted to test the quality before I passed it on to you....
Canvas People  was giving away a "Free " 8X10 canvas print for only the price of shipping. You could upgrade the size to an 11X14 for $9.99 more. 
(A few examples from their website shown above)

I decided to go ahead and try them out. I ordered a picture of my daughter and decided to upgrade to the 11X14 for the extra $9.99. My total came to $27.94. That means shipping and handling was $17.95. 

That is a better deal than other places I have priced. I am going to try ordering from a few other places to compare quality. The same size from Costco is $34.99. I usually print everything through an online professional photo lab that I am always very happy with. Photographers price from that location is $45.10
( I don't want to list the name of the online place because I don't want to give away 
professional photographers base pricing.) 
I have never printed a gallery wrap from that location, but I am sure the quality cannot be beat. (Which is why the pros print there :)
I plan to order a few more canvases over the next several weeks and I will let you know my opinions. 
So far, I was happy with Canvas People. Their customer service was great. I loved their emails. They actually made me smile. They have great marketing going on. My canvas came really quick and I was surprised how well the colors matched my monitor. They were really close to what I showed on my screen. 

The deal now at Canvas people is free shipping. The totals end up being the very same as the "free 8X10" special that was going around. 

I would recommend this company. I think an 8X10 would be a fantastic gift for Christmas! The price on the 8X10 really can't be beat and I would imagine this size is perfect for gift giving. Most grandparents don't want anything larger than an 8X10.

Crazy that I am talking about Christmas shopping. I can't believe it is almost the middle of November already. 
Where did my warm summer go? 


abdul said...

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ALi said...

good info to know. i have been wanting to get a canvas forever but haven't heard anything about quality.