Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Need inexpensive photography gift ideas?

I have had many husbands contact me over the past couple of weeks asking for some advice on (inexpensive) Christmas photography related gifts :) 
I think it is so great that so many husbands are supporting their wives with their hobbies/passions. 
Here are some ideas I have come up with. I would not recommend buying really expensive equipment without making sure it is exactly what your wife/husband is wanting. When you are a serious about photography you get a little picky about what you want/need to produce the results you want. The following ideas are very inexpensive and just fun little gifts that your photographer may not buy for him/herself....

#1 pick...a new camera strap. 
There are soooooo many place to buy these. I suggest going to and typing in camera straps. I love to shop etsy! Not only are products beautifully made and reasonably priced...chances are you are supporting a talented work at home mom. Love to support women who start their own businesses! 

#2...any type of continued educational products...
I would recommend the photovision series. There are all kinds of promo codes out there to make this $149 purchase only $39! For that should pick up 2009, 2010, and the new 2011! 
Just google "photovision promo code" and you should be able to find one that works. There are also lots of other options for education as well. Lots of photographers offer mentoring sessions, there are all kinds of online workshops for photoshop, lightroom, etc. There are always new things to learn! Any photographer would love something like this. There are plenty of fantastic books out there as well. 

#3...How hilarious are these!  I would love to drink my morning hot chocolate in that Canon lens :) 

#4...I love anything that displays my passion. This necklace is adorable and such a reasonable price!

#5...I know this one is kind of a frivolous purchase...but I think it is my favorite. I have been a doll collector since I can remember. I would just keep it in the box and hope that someday I may have a newborn studio of my own to put it in :) 

#6...A photographer can never have too many memory cards! It is a purchase that we all dislike spending our hard earned money when they are gifted, they are very much appreciated! 

#7...A new tripod, reflector or filter for a favorite lens. 

#8...Gift cards! 
I know that these are sometimes not very personable...but who doesn't love getting money to spend on their favorite hobby? You could get a gift card from your local favorite camera shop. I love to buy from local businesses. Supporting your own local economy is so important right now. I bet a lot of your local photo shops have some great deals right now, too. 

#9...Photoshop or Lightroom. 
These are more on the expensive side of this list...but they are a necessity to take your photography to the next level. I have seen a lot of friends who want to get into photography but lose interest because their straight out of camera pictures aren't what they hoped for. Photoshop is the next step. It is worth the investment and really is a must have for serious photographers. 

#10...A reliable external hard drive and a subscription for online backup. 
I use carbonite
Even with both of these backups in place...I still had a horrible mishap a few weeks ago and lost some images because I didn't backup correctly. Lesson learned. But...don't be a dummy like me and have to learn this lesson the hard way! 

Happy shopping for your favorite photographer. 
Let me know if you have any questions. Some of you are actually in the market to purchase your first DSLR camera. I am happy to share my thoughts and experience on this topic. Just email me at and I will help you with what ever I can. 


Sydney said...

What great ideas Kati, you're so sweet to take the time to write this post. I think I may just purchase some gifts for myself since I've been such a good girl this year!

Amy said...

Thanks for the list Kati. I'm very tempted to get the photovision series. I've been thinking about finding an online tutorial or class, so this would be perfect!

onceapickle said...

excellent post, as always.

i TOTALLY want the "i shoot people" necklace. Would you mind letting my husband know? Oh, thanks! :)