Thursday, April 21, 2011

December 1st???? How Lame!

My, oh my. What a blogging slacker I have been! I wish I had some fantastic reasons for my absence. 

But, I don't. 

However...the weather is looking like it could potentially warm up in the near future and that is when my passion comes alive again! 

In daughter celebrated her 5th birthday. She had a darling birthday party and I have some cute images to share. 

 Obviously, her favorite color is pink and she is in to everything fancy. So, we threw a Fancy Nancy birthday party. We invited all her little friends from preschool and from the neighborhood. 
 Amazing cupcakes and cake done by the incredibly talented Leslie, from Cakes by LE. 
Really, she is unbelievable. I simply told her the colors and theme and she delivered these beautiful works of art. Her prices are amazing and her creations will not disappoint! 
 Can you even believe the details on these cupcakes? 
 Simply amazing. 
 We served finger foods at high noon tea. The girls had so much fun dancing and enjoying pedicures done by a few older girls from the neighborhood. They all picked out their favorite colors of nail polish and thought they were in heaven! 

 I made these gum ball necklaces for the party favor and they were a hit! 
I got the idea and instructions from HERE
I absolutely love this website! They have amazing ideas and the photography is beautiful. 

She had a perfect day and still talks about her fancy party. 

On another best friend has started her photography business! I am so proud of her and know she will do amazing! Check out her beautiful work HERE 
You can also "like" her on facebook! 

Her prices are so reasonable and she could not be more amazing to work with. She will capture your family to perfection!
Tell her I sent you and I bet she will take extra good care of you! ;) 


jenn said...

Awe, thanks! I don't know how I got so lucky to have you in my life, You are amazing. Thanks for being my bestie. Love you.

Haleigh bug's party was Phenominal...with a capital P. Leslie's cupcakes and cake were to die for, all the decorations were divine and the necklaces were off the charts. A perfect princess party for your perfect princess.

Cassandra said...

This is really beautiful! My daughter would have loved that too! :)

Kellie said...

What a fun party. London had a great time, and shared her cupcake with me when it was over. It tasted even better than it looked, if that is even possible.
I miss seeing you around. Where are you hiding?

Becky said...

you know I left your blog on my "list" just waiting for the day. Yeah!!! Can't wait to see what else you've got up your sleeve.

한은설 said...

wow it's beautiful :)

Andrea said...

amazing! :O little princess <3 you're a Perfect Mother I think :) it look like a party from Wonderland and she's the little Alice... so adorable <3

Ashley said...

OK, that is the best (and fanciest) party I have ever seen! We too love Fancy Nancy. Way to go Mom!