Monday, August 29, 2011

Incredible photography

I absolutely love looking at this website. 
I get lost in the beauty of these images for way longer than I should be on the computer at one sitting. 
Each image is so incredible and I would die to be a dance photographer in NYC. 

There it is. My dream. Exposed to the world. Sigh. I guess, technically I don't have to live in NYC to be a dance photographer. But...that is where my dream takes place. So that is where I will continue to dream about living and working when I grow up.
Maybe one day, when my babies are grown and have left me to pursue their own dreams. 
One can dream. We all should dream. 

All images shown are from

Talk about stunning, beautiful images that make you gasp in awe of the human body and all of its capabilities. 
Viewer discretion is advised. Artistic nudity is common with this type of photography and may be uncomfortable for some to view with young children around. 

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MarioG said...

Hi Kati,

Thanks for loving my blog..

About your dreams: why not beginning with dance schools and dance companies in Utah, right now?
I've easily found in Google several ones. Just try to ask to photograph a class... :-) Just an idea!!!

Thanks and go forward with dreams...