Monday, August 29, 2011

new niece...

Things have been super busy around here as we get back into school and the scheduled every day to day activities. So long, care free summer. 

Fortunately I was able to make time to take some pictures of my new niece the other day. She is so itty bitty and has such a sweet, calm personality. I am thinking that is a very good thing since she joined a family with 6 other kids! :) 
Just to put into perspective how tiny she is...the flower in her hair is the size of a quarter! 

 I am so happy my sister in law wanted some pictures of herself with her last baby. It is a real regret I have now. I don't have any good pictures of my newborns with me. :( 
Welcome to the family, baby Isabelle. We are so happy you are and healthy!


And said...

so beautiful photos... You are a great photographer... <3

jenn said...

These turned out so, so beautifully! I love her hair, love her pretty little face. I pretty much just want to squeeze her!