Monday, April 6, 2009

A few favorites...

From a session today...
This little sweetie was so great! Things started off rough, but she decided to cooperate and slept like an angel through all the moving and changing!
It was a perfect newborn session!

Couldn't you just eat those little cheeks!

This session was supposed to be me...helping a friend who was asked to take pictures. Well, it ended up that bossy, bossy me...just took over. {Sorry Jen} Jen is actually pretty great with her own camera...our intention was to shoot together so she could pick up a few tricks to shooting newborns. It actually turned out that she acted as an AMAZING assistant. I couldn't believe how much easier it was having someone there that knew what she was doing! She held my reflector and moved it when I needed her to. She held the binky and took it out when I was ready to shoot. She would run and get whatever I needed to get the shot....What an amazing thing to have! HELP! Wow. Such a difference. I have found that it is so much easier if Mom and Dad don't really help with the session. Baby tends to be more relaxed. Some extra tips for shooting newborns?

1. Move slowly. Don't make any sudden movements! When transitioning to different positions...take your time.

2. Keep a diaper under baby (not attached) until ready to shoot. It is easier to slip out the diaper than a towel or extra blanket. It slides out easier.

3. Got a big exercise ball collecting dust? Get it out and bounce that baby to sleep. Works like a charm every time.

4. Take your time. I usually plan on 3 hours. Because this baby was so great today...we finished in 2 hours. It is better if baby doesn't feel the tension of time. If you feel rushed and try to hurry things will NOT cooperate.

5. Get an assistant! I think Jen is my new favorite accessory to my newborn photo shoot collection....Not only did she make things easier, but it was fun too!

Love ya Jen! Thanks for such a FUN and amazing day!


Jennifer said...

A-dor-able! So cool to share your 'secrets' too. Yes, I want to eat those adorable cheeks up :-)

Sara said...

I LOVE the last one. What a pretty baby! Can I have your email address so I can ask you how you protected your photos? I've beem having problems to that end.

onceapickle said...

So many things to say...I am in love with these picutres. They turned out so beautifully, I can hardly stand it!

Secondly, it was such a pleasure being your assistant. I had so much fun doing this shoot with you. We make an exceptionally great team. ;)

Third, you are one fantastic photographer. Thank you so much for helping me with these pictures. Kristi is thrilled!

onceapickle said...

PS- thanks for all the great tips and tricks. I am constantly learning so much from you.