Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday Photoshoot!

After spending my EARLY morning out shopping the "black friday" sales I decided to set up the studio lights for a friend and try to get some cute pictures of her kids...We also took sweet pictures of her beautiful baby, who isn't so little anymore! Remember this little guy?
They grow so fast! Can you believe he is already 3 months old?

I have been dreading the winter weather...but after today, I am totally loving the whole studio lighting again. I am looking forward to spending the next few months playing with my lights! I forget how much I love having control of my camera settings...not having to change them with every passing cloud or different lighting condition. Be watching for more of little Evan. He will be photographed A LOT in the next couple of months!

Of course my own little miss can't miss out on a photoshoot. The entire time I was shooting the other kids she kept asking when it was her turn. Good thing I did her hair today :)

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onceapickle said...

I mean seriously. Could either of them be any cuter? I'd have to say we have two of the most beautiful children on the planet.

Thanks again for a day filled with Christmas miracles. We are so doing it again next year!

Sudio lighting will be my favorite thing about this Winter, I just know it! :)