Thursday, March 11, 2010

Free scrapbook kits!

There are a lot of places that you can get *FREE* digital scrapbook kits. I will share a few of my favorites in a minute...but I guess I should first confess that I do not even scrapbook. I think I have admitted this before. It makes me feel like a horrible mom, but I figure I take enough pictures of my kids that it MORE than makes up for my lack of cutesy displays of said photos. So...what do I use all these digital freebies for? Birth announcements, graduation announcements, any kind of announcement :)
Invitations, lesson handouts, etc, etc.
You can grab this beautiful freebie HERE.
Little dreamer designs is one of my favorite places for freebies. Just head on up to the top right hand side of their blog and click on *freebies*
I teach the young women on Sundays for my church.
I always like to give little handouts to send home with the girls, with a quote or scripture from the lesson. Making them in photoshop is the easiest, cheapest and fastest way I have found to get them done! Watch for a tutorial coming soon!!!!
Another favorite for freebies is Shabby princess designs. Awesome stuff found there! So...start downloading some of your favorites so you can follow the tutorial and make your own creation with me....


onceapickle said...

oooo...super cute! i will be downloading immediately (to not use, but store on my computer). Thanks! :)

Stephanie said...

Have you seen One of my favorites, but I've never known how to use them...still a newborn in Photoshop! Can't wait for your tutorial!

Kati said...

Thanks Stephanie! That is a fantastic source! I will be doing some serious down loading today!